Dear Sirs,

Concluded at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan implemented:

  • Petroleum products
  • Portland cement PS 500-GO
  • Colorless sheet glass
  • Glass bottles
  • Cotton fiber
  • Textile commodities and other light industry products

Detailed information is available in the market quotations.



The biddings of petro-gas productions will be held on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The biddings begin at 16:30.


On August 1, 2016, The State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan launched the updated trading system software. For participation in the auction, this software must be installed on your personal laptops, tablets (Windows OS only) connected to a wireless or wired network of the trading place

To run the application in the trading place of the exchange, your computer must have the following requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10
Wireless: WiFi b/g/n
Wire Network: LAN Ethernet 100 mbit or higher
Display: The recommended diagonal is 12.5"or higher
RAM: at least 1GB
Other Hardware: Webcam integrated into the device
Installed software::

Microsoft .NETFramework 4.0 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, NETFramework 3.5 for Windows 8,10 application (can be installed in a trading place on the 2nd floor, or on the 5th floor, during the working day, until 15:00)

For all questions related to Software, contact the department of "New Technologies" : Tel. 44-60-17, 44-60-11, 44-60-09